Whats,Whys,Hows of my blog

a modern pen
Right from the most vintage memory block that lie uncorrupted in my brain to my most recent past, I find a common thread making its presence felt. This threat of inquisitiveness forever rebels against the morals of the age-old idiom of “curiosity kills the cat”. Among the perils of rational thinking is the need to justify all my actions. In this monologue, I shall try to justify, why I log my thoughts, what are the boundaries of my thoughts and how do I log.

Some years ago, my school principal,whom I admire a lot, said that we should start with the most difficult of the tasks when we have multiple tasks to attack.Today I find the most difficult of the three questions answers the other two. Thus I start with the whys.

By the time you are in your twenties, I am 23, you start reflecting on your life thus far. This is more true if you happen to come across a thousand good-byes. Well, I have stayed in East,north-east,north and Southern part of India for significant parts of my life. Some of these years have been in hostel, moments written in sand of time that we want to withstand all the tsunamis.But invariably some memories age and fade.This blog is an attempt to preserve them. Some might say, why not write a diary but then again I am hopelessly careless, I need digital backups.

We all like to think of ourselves as intellectuals,people who matter, this blog also provides me with the conference room to discuss intellectual bhaat(for non-kgpians bhaat is random chit chat).

Even the people bereft of a few senses love the arts that their limited faculties allow them to enjoy.I have all my senses intact, I like my share of movies,books, I try to tell to the world about my opinions on the same. Usually I am woken up from my writing lethargy when I really like something or I detest something.

Most importantly, I am a kgpian, my orkut,gtalk,yahoo, facebook, is flooded with guys. I know most of the readers of this blog are guys but at least there is a false pretense that I am interacting with some girl.

I love traveling and coding and like to share my triumphs in these spheres.Although at the very moment I am writing this page the posts of the travel and tech world are only in pipeline.

Having answered the whys, I now answer the what or rather whatever is left of it. OOps! all the whats have been answered.

Hows: If it is of any interest, I don’t give a them if it is, I usually write directly on the blogs editor.So my posts are usually untouched by the filth of offline software or pen and paper

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