Inglorious Basterd

Many a golden replicas of the famous lady whose name has been mysteriously hidden by my beloved wikipedia – which, in fact goes on to say, she is a famous he :D- lie in the possession of artistic giants that dwell on the untold human sufferings of the second world war. So, I had serious difficulty in accepting this pigment of imagination. Having said this, I reiterate that I remain a devoted fan of wikipedia and shall continue to ignore these glitches.
I intend to make this post a short and precise affair. Inglorious basterd was a glorious celebration of human creativity and artistic prowess. The climax was too great. It was just too awesome. It portrays the actors as human, selfish persons who can do anything to survive not as saints and demons. Yet you cant help feeling pity for some and contempt for others. One digression I liked about this movie was the liberal use of creative liberty be it the spelling or the plotline. All in all a great take on alternative reality that many would wish was real