Hellride for heaven part:1

Venue: Ivy Comptech,Hyderabad

For those of who are in touch me shall know of my adventure on asphalt over the last weekend.For the less fortunate mortals, I embarked on a trip to Mumbai – nothing abnormal as yet – but I chose to ride my way to Mumbai on a bike from Hyderabad a distance of over 700 kms made over 800 by one enjoyable wrong turn.
I am a huge proponent of apt use of “a”s and “the”s in blogs. But somehow this escape from normal life merits an abnormal piece. A piece that celebrates the statistical relevance of Dhonis over the poetry of Laxman.
For sake of my own satisfaction, I shall resort to one word section headers to tie the threads together.


me: “Himank is friday ko good friday hai na?”

himank (co conspirator):”haan”

me to shobhit(flatmate):  “Oye shobhit, weekend ko kya kar raaha hai?”

shobhit : “mere office ko good friday ka chutti nehi hai, saturday bhi khula hai isi hafte ghar se aaya huun cant take leave again”

me to aniket : “Weekend ko kya kar raha hai?”

aniket: “kuch nehi. Tu kya kar raaha hai. Yahaan aa jaa.”

me:”aaya to jaa sakta hai. will confirm in 30 mins.”

I enter my office wing, go to himank’s place

me: “Oye, weekend ko mumbai chalega”

himank:”chal, lets book the tickets!!”

me:”Tickets kyon, lets go by bike”.

Himank (thinking: finally i got a person who is as pshycho as me!! Yo Baby!!): “yes! haan”

me to aniket: “oye main friday mumbai pahuch raaha huun . coming on bike. Blue frog chalenge bandi pe fight marunga. Is baar hellu nehi hounga. Atleast baat karke aaunga:D”

aniket :”Pagla gaya kya. pagloko bandi nehi milti hai. tu aisa kar flight pakar ke aa fir chalte hai tab milegi”

me:”Sale, khud mere ehsano ke wajeh se bandi mili. chup reh!! I am coming by bike!! mile gi to milegi nehi to nehi. will stop at pune for a few hours rest :D”

himank: “Raat ko das bajeh types nikalte hai, I might stop at Pune ”


The entire flow of events took place over a duration of less than an hour a day before the ride. IF I write the entire experience in one blog, it will be too clumsy!! So will continue this series