Wake Up!! Sachin does not exist

Romulus and Remus built Rome, Moses led the people of the book to the promised Land after splitting the ways of water, Abraham saved the world, Hanuman carried a mountain from the Himalayas to Ceylon. Superhuman tasks that if true surely deserves more than a bow from us. But apart from superhuman fables, they are all fables.Persons that exists in fragments of human imagination. The feats of the purported individual called Sachin might seem less superhuman than the illustrious fables  that marks the alpha of this post but then there is no denying the fact that his feats if not backed by corruptible videos will be b rushed aside by any non-lunatic.

But then using todays technology Rajni can split bullets and make it appear believable so a rational mind should never ever go by videos alone. Even if the videos were true just compare the centuries made in early nineties and late 2000’s. Do the person hitting the runs appear remotely similar. Why are all the other players playing cricket different? These two logical arguments make me aware of the truth behind the myth of Sachin and also convince others to see the same.

As I prepare to place my next argument, a random movie dialogue comes to my mind “Gods envy us for we are mortals”. I don’t know whether Gods envy us or if the omnipotent character exists but I do know we are mortals . Our physical self ages and decays. Everything in life comes with an expiry date.In any sport requiring more physical activity than golf, ten years is a lifetime . If you are the best for five years you are among the greatest but if you are among the best for ten years you are the greatest and the spin doctors claim Sachin has been the best for over two doctors. Seriously, are they talking about some unknown chemical formula we have no idea about or are they talking about our own body that stays with us a lifetime. See through this marketing scam !!!

Another thing that makes us human is our adrenaline when some one abuses you unjustly you feel angry that is probably the reason why you are not hanged to death if you kill some one in hot blood. At least this is the norm in non barbaric nations . Non-barbaric punishment for barbaric acts . The pr gurus claim that you only get a smile when you abuse this character who is certified by one sixth of the world to be God.

Last but not the least remember the age-old idiom “to err is human, to forgive divine”. I dont know what is divinity but being a man, I know we are bound to err!! But this creation of human imagination a ala the Gods of mythology has never erred in his years before the camera.

With these few words I end my case with  firm belief that I have manged to convince at least one rational being of the truth

demos cratos

the future kingAs a matter of lack of choice, if you are born in a middle class family in India, you know what those two words mean. Just after the ABCs have been mastered, “i” s have been dotted and “t”s have been crossed, we are told about the country we live in. The first page of many a books tell us about Gandhijis dilemma solver -“think about the poorest person you know”. Although, the text in the book seems to have a few strands of papyrus baptized by the church of Goebbels, the subject of social studies was one of my favorite.

Having established the origins of my thought, I come to the thoughts that have instigated this blog.For starters I don’t have a single click on my blog today. It is pathetic to say the least. The other was the image of Shibu Soren taking the oath of chief minister as CM supported by BJP a party I once admired. As I struggle to grasp with the violation of ethics and justice in Indian democracy, my mind wanders back to the first debate that I saw in my school. The word saw might be drenched in incongruity for I had a minuscule part in the same. Although being apart of the junior most batch of School I asked a question that more ruffled the free-flowing eloquence of the debaters. The topic for the day was “In a democracy you get a government that people deserve”.My question was did people India deserve emergency when she voted Indira Gandhi to power on the plan of “garibi hatao”.

The earliest election I can recall being played out in the media was the 1996 election. After election, we saw the largest pre-election formation sit in the opposition.The smallest pre-election formation run the government and the second largest party support he smallest pre-election formation.But the conduct of Vajpayee won my heart and mind. Although I could not vote in the next election, I cheered for every seat won by BJP. I really wanted to have a prime minister I admire. Same was the case for next election. Unlike most politicians power did not make Vajpayee a hated figure like all CMs and former PMs.Godhra happened, I hate people being prosecuted for religion or any other thing that makes India a diverse country but India was progressing at least it appeared to. I found myself rooting for BJP in 2k4 I did not want Sonia Gandhi to be PM, the concept of hereditary rule still do not strike a chord in me. Nevertheless Manmohan Singh took oath as Pm with some of the most corrupt politicians in his ministry ala Laloo, Shibu and who not. But the march of India was unstoppable. Vajpayee retired from BJP and it seemed BJP had gone mad.

A political party that once stood for everything good about India seemed to be bereft of ideas. I found myself rooting for congress in 2k9 elections. Congress did win but I am sad for if tomorrow I want congress to lose whom do i root for. How can I support a party that makes murderers as chief ministers. IT seems India cannot be great country. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I hope the government gets corrupt absolutely and we get a credible opposition for if that does not happen soon. We will need to wait another 50 years for a credible opposition. We need answers for the death of Karkares. We need a voice in parliament who don’t just cry for his own fiefdom to indulge in more corruption but who speaks against extra constitutional powers like armed Forces Special powers Act. The government exists to protect the citizens what is the lace of a law that is created to harass,rape,maim,kill citizens by official machinery.