When capitalist me supported the left

For sometime, I have been harbouring a pathological hatred for the left. I can’t fathom why they have to be paranoid against everything that is American. Superficially, it seems they are a prisoner of the past. A past where every allay and highway of economy was stained by the blood of the workers. On a personal level, I can never forgive them for supporting the Chinese when they attacked the land of my ancestors. In some ways, I am also a prisoner of the past although the decry the left for being afflicted with this virus.I also can’t forgive left for economically killing Calcutta and as a consequence all that lay to the east of this erstwhile metropolis.

I have also been a diabetic for the last two years  and my parents have been diabetic for as long as I can remember.I spent over a hundred rupees per day on my medicines and tests. Having blessed with an above average IQ, a middle class upbringing and some fate, I can afford to pay my bills without battling an eyelid. But the over a sixth of India are said to be diabetic and statistically, I doubt even half of them can afford the facilities,I take for granted.This brings me to the question as to whether the drugs that can help billions really need to be so costly. From an economic standpoint, the variable cost of producing extra drugs seems to be negligible this explains why 50 mg of januvia costs the same as 100 mg of the same drug. Besides this obvious lack of ethics on the part of pharmaceutical companies, there is another thought that bothers me. This is about side effects. I may be diabetic, but I hope to live a thousand years, with this end in mine, I watch all my biological parameters by spending more of my blood and sweat. If I am to lie long enough, I have to depend on drugs for a lions share of my heart beats.

For the ignorant, the best example of post of peril will be the location of kidney in a diabetic. Every day of uncontrolled diabetes deals a thousand death nails on the coffin of the kidneys. To make matters worse the toxic parts of medicines have to be filtered by diabetes and each of those molecules takes a test of the kidneys in a way that is definitely not a walk in the park.In some ways the medicines I take are a double-edged sword, it prevents diabetes from harming my kidneys but might be silently killing it.

This paradox drives me to the reason why I am writing this post. Clinical trials and India.  On any other day when the Sun rises from the east, the only reason I envy Pakistan is for their media. Today, I was pleasantly surprised when page 1 of ibnlive did not resemble page 3 of less reputed tabloids which are no more than bread,butter and oxygen of paparazzi. It carried a report on ratification of Indian population.  For the vast majority of you who know what ratification means, I am in no way referring to the literal meaning of the word but only phonetics. For pharmaceutical companies we Indians are nothing but rats whose life can be dispensed off. They have no fear of multi million dollar settlement claims. The answer to whether my kidneys can hold up to the onslaught of years of medicines probably lies in some unethical trials.

Till then in the midst of some inexplicable emotions, I hope the left keeps on fighting the MNCs, the very same MNCs without whom I can’t live.

A tale of two Movies separated by ending and the pencil of Redcliffe

Most of the professional critics have their swords and medals out after first day first show.But being an ameteur who just like to force fed his arbit views on the world I can do anything anytime.These days I am finding my self listening to songs from “Khuda ke Liye” in repeat one mode.These songs bring me memories.of the movies “Khuda ke Liye” and its Indian counterpart “Namastey London”.One movie was a must watch the other was three hours cribbing of a looser by a looser and for loosers. Unfortunately there were so many loosers in this world that “Namastey London” was a smash hit. For me there was nothing to see in that movie apart from Katrina Kaif – her smile , her legs and everything about her.

How regressive can you get. Bring a girl on false promise to the country you have left long ago for greener pastures and never bothered to return anything. Get her married off to a local guy, give her the biggest culture shock of her life and think that you are a good father: what crap. On top of it, the stereo types of spoilt by Western civilisation. OMG.

Cut to the movie from across the border, “Khuda Ke Liye”, it exposed the hypocrisy of so called good fathers who themselves dont give a crap about the values of their culture but try to enforce it on their daughters. It explores the plight of women under repression. But justice is seldom delievered on merit. So, Namastey Londfon was a hit. Hopefully time will be fairer judge