Here I Go on the road again

the call of the road


I love to drive. I really love to drive. I really totally love to drive. I really totally absolutely love to drive. Humans invented words to be able to communicate . While it is true that our mastery of larynx has enabled us to become masters of the world and deluded us into creating competitions to find the most beautiful thing that breathes in the universe, no matter how many daggers I inflict on the works of Wren and Martin and the guardians of English dictionary , I cannot honestly describe the joy that driving gives to me. Words can indeed be funny, only way to describe your love for anything is to write that you cannot describe them in words.

So, I love to drive. I love to drive fast. In India, driving fast is not something that any cardiologist will recommend to the fainthearted. Driving on the roads of India, it sometimes makes me wonder where did Stan Lee get the inspiration for his characters . Maybe it was good that he did not live in India or else his description of the physical self of his characters would be so much realistic. Every day in India you have people take to the road that they are the one and only spider-man and superman. Helmets are something meant for people whose brain skulls are made of fragile calcium composite. Driving on the wrong side is only way to drive specially if most of the lesser mortals who are driving at over 100 km per hour stand to disintegrate after a head on collision with the superman. The best part of it all is that the biggest superpower of Indian motorists is the high beam light that shields them from harms way by blinding the oncoming traffic driving on the right side of the road.

So, I have a self-destructive love. And there hangs the tale or whatever Lord Archer might have programmed my brain to mutter. If I am to analyse every thing I do in my life, my driving stands out as an anomaly. I was a lethargic when it came to physical activity , while I won accolades galore in academics and extra-academics, I have a resounding empty cupboard for sports. I used to hate games period and would actually study during the same in school. Yet, now I am one of the most regular guys in the gym challenging myself everyday to run an extra kilometer so much so that most of the fit members of the gym publicly declare me as an object of envy. Post diabetics, I have almost killed the foodie in me, I used to live to eat and I used to eat. For years, I could eat the most in my locality and now I am scared of having an extra serving of wheat bread. When I see oil floating around, it becomes difficult for me to chew and digest.

But we all are slaves to our own brain who will always find a way to justify all we do. While it is tempting to say that I am in control of my car, it is not really the right answer. I have had times when I lost control of my bike or car for a few fleeting seconds,seconds where only extraordinary symphony of circumstances saved my life. So I take refuge in my knowledge of biology.

When you are in fear, your brain produces adrenaline. A rush of adrenaline stimulates the body and causes a sudden release of glucose as well as an increase in blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. It makes you more aware of your situation and your body is physical more ready to react.Different people have different brains. Some brains needs a lot of excitement to pump out adrenaline (Formula 1-drivers, sky-divers, base-jumpers,), others, however, need just a little; stealing a candy bar, going into an examination.
After a while the adrenaline is no longer active in your body and you have indeed conquered your own fear. That makes some people feel “more alive”.
Some brains produce  dopa-mine, a kind of reward-drug: you get a good feeling about yourself. It’s all about these chemicals. Because of this reward-drug you may want to do it again, and when, for instance,  becomes too familiar, you need to go off-piste to ensure the production of adrenaline and dopa-mine.

Fully satisfied with my explanation, I can only mummer the lyrics of Bob Sager’s song “Turn the page”- especially the part “on the the road again“- juxtaposed with the background music of Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of glory”, and dream myself pressing my accelerator hard enough so that there is no air bubble between the shoe of the accelerator and the chassis of my car.


Hellride for heaven part:1

Venue: Ivy Comptech,Hyderabad

For those of who are in touch me shall know of my adventure on asphalt over the last weekend.For the less fortunate mortals, I embarked on a trip to Mumbai – nothing abnormal as yet – but I chose to ride my way to Mumbai on a bike from Hyderabad a distance of over 700 kms made over 800 by one enjoyable wrong turn.
I am a huge proponent of apt use of “a”s and “the”s in blogs. But somehow this escape from normal life merits an abnormal piece. A piece that celebrates the statistical relevance of Dhonis over the poetry of Laxman.
For sake of my own satisfaction, I shall resort to one word section headers to tie the threads together.


me: “Himank is friday ko good friday hai na?”

himank (co conspirator):”haan”

me to shobhit(flatmate):  “Oye shobhit, weekend ko kya kar raaha hai?”

shobhit : “mere office ko good friday ka chutti nehi hai, saturday bhi khula hai isi hafte ghar se aaya huun cant take leave again”

me to aniket : “Weekend ko kya kar raha hai?”

aniket: “kuch nehi. Tu kya kar raaha hai. Yahaan aa jaa.”

me:”aaya to jaa sakta hai. will confirm in 30 mins.”

I enter my office wing, go to himank’s place

me: “Oye, weekend ko mumbai chalega”

himank:”chal, lets book the tickets!!”

me:”Tickets kyon, lets go by bike”.

Himank (thinking: finally i got a person who is as pshycho as me!! Yo Baby!!): “yes! haan”

me to aniket: “oye main friday mumbai pahuch raaha huun . coming on bike. Blue frog chalenge bandi pe fight marunga. Is baar hellu nehi hounga. Atleast baat karke aaunga:D”

aniket :”Pagla gaya kya. pagloko bandi nehi milti hai. tu aisa kar flight pakar ke aa fir chalte hai tab milegi”

me:”Sale, khud mere ehsano ke wajeh se bandi mili. chup reh!! I am coming by bike!! mile gi to milegi nehi to nehi. will stop at pune for a few hours rest :D”

himank: “Raat ko das bajeh types nikalte hai, I might stop at Pune ”


The entire flow of events took place over a duration of less than an hour a day before the ride. IF I write the entire experience in one blog, it will be too clumsy!! So will continue this series