Wake Up!! Sachin does not exist

Romulus and Remus built Rome, Moses led the people of the book to the promised Land after splitting the ways of water, Abraham saved the world, Hanuman carried a mountain from the Himalayas to Ceylon. Superhuman tasks that if true surely deserves more than a bow from us. But apart from superhuman fables, they are all fables.Persons that exists in fragments of human imagination. The feats of the purported individual called Sachin might seem less superhuman than the illustrious fables  that marks the alpha of this post but then there is no denying the fact that his feats if not backed by corruptible videos will be b rushed aside by any non-lunatic.

But then using todays technology Rajni can split bullets and make it appear believable so a rational mind should never ever go by videos alone. Even if the videos were true just compare the centuries made in early nineties and late 2000’s. Do the person hitting the runs appear remotely similar. Why are all the other players playing cricket different? These two logical arguments make me aware of the truth behind the myth of Sachin and also convince others to see the same.

As I prepare to place my next argument, a random movie dialogue comes to my mind “Gods envy us for we are mortals”. I don’t know whether Gods envy us or if the omnipotent character exists but I do know we are mortals . Our physical self ages and decays. Everything in life comes with an expiry date.In any sport requiring more physical activity than golf, ten years is a lifetime . If you are the best for five years you are among the greatest but if you are among the best for ten years you are the greatest and the spin doctors claim Sachin has been the best for over two doctors. Seriously, are they talking about some unknown chemical formula we have no idea about or are they talking about our own body that stays with us a lifetime. See through this marketing scam !!!

Another thing that makes us human is our adrenaline when some one abuses you unjustly you feel angry that is probably the reason why you are not hanged to death if you kill some one in hot blood. At least this is the norm in non barbaric nations . Non-barbaric punishment for barbaric acts . The pr gurus claim that you only get a smile when you abuse this character who is certified by one sixth of the world to be God.

Last but not the least remember the age-old idiom “to err is human, to forgive divine”. I dont know what is divinity but being a man, I know we are bound to err!! But this creation of human imagination a ala the Gods of mythology has never erred in his years before the camera.

With these few words I end my case with  firm belief that I have manged to convince at least one rational being of the truth

On Insurmountable odds and immovable rocks

This is probably one of my numerous nonsensical monologues that usually come to pass in verbal countenance. For a change it is now in zeros and ones and thus I shall try to please the high lamas sipping their cup of tea which made its journey from a garden near my childhood abode to the porcelain cups that now graces their smoke tarred lips in some corner of the Oxbridge. In my not so distant childhood, we had a subject called alternative English. From a mathematical perspective or rather arithmetical smog, this subject was nightmare. On a philosophical plane there was no right or wrong answer. You never got marks. For me the subject went beyond marks, it had stories to tell it had words to be looked up in dictionary, words that spoke a thousand words that painted a thousand pictures.Words that stained my imaginary canvas with all the droplets oozing from the battle field of the fight between the rain Gods and the Sun. For the sake of my literary mind, it did help that my first major crush went to the same English tuition as me. I was in a boys school so the only avenue to have heterosexual crush was tuitions. For the holier than thou, who feel I have defiled a sacrosanct temple of learning, I tender my unconditioned apology. But my teenage crush did spur me on to reach higher echelons of English language. It is another matter that things ended rather acrimoniously, one fine day I realized my then best friend had substituted his crush for three months with the object of my crush. I was devastated and in my state of shock I started doing things I never did before too much. I started studying like hell and made my way into IIT.
Somethings really don’t change, I still waste major chunk of real estate of my post in my customary beating about the bush. Well in the alternative English, I read the story of Antigone, her indomitable spirit that surmounted all odds moved the immovable rocks to give her slain brother a decent burial. I also read about the vengeance of fate that made kreon lose his own son who dies by his own hand on learning of Antigone’s death at the altar of his fathers inscrutable laws.The words inscrutable and insurmountable still finds me stranded on the sand dunes of a dry desert soaked in the tears of Kreon and lips parched by the dryness of the world that surrounds me. But the fascinating part of the experience was that the story was written by a blind man. Having conquered my malfunctioning pancreas to some extent, I thought i could conquer all but alas certain things are beyond the grasp of my hand. But life is not a fairy tale, I was told one day that I have lost one of the biggest fights of my life sometime back. Certain rocks do not bow before the indomitable spirit of civilization. Every day I pray and hope for the words of the essay “On Fame” to come true. Maybe human spirit is indomitable, maybe we win something in all the battles that we loose or it might be that somethings are just written and will come to pass no matter what the minds of any insignificant human soul decrees.Maybe some dams can defeat the surging waves of the oceans till the oceans tire and dry out. Maybe you are born to lose something and win a few in the few moments that we exist in this world.