Times Change

The time to say goodbye has come for my sojourn at IITKGP. Many people blessed with the kind of friends I had had here would be tempted to use the catchphrase “best days of my life”. I would like to add the word “almost” to this catchphrase.My best days were the days of class 11 and 12 at DPS VK. In no small reason for the kind of friends I enjoyed there. Over the years I had lost touch with them.I have been playing catchup with them for sometime. This month I met my roommate for two years pp or prajwal pradhan as his birth certificate would like to say. He was in Bangalore. He was in job. The only thing remained the same was his lack of beard and my five year old t shirt. The guy who bid adieu to dps hostel by being dubbed as gizmo guy was wearing semi formals. Black leather shoes, semi formal shirt, trousers. Never in my soberest dreams did i envision pp like that.

Another shocker was my other roomie rambo aka Abhishek Raman. I used to terrorize him by threatening to sit on him as he used to pull my leg over my north east flaboured hindi.Five years down the line he has put on twenty kgs i have reduced 20. This nullifies the forty kg advantaged I once had over him.