Only time i detested the sight of Deepikas legs

Patriotism is a word we very often come across since the days we learn our a for apples and b for balls. For sake of political correctness, our history and social studies are replete with tales of patriotic tales of some of our revered heroes. For the sake of pure literary analysis, patriotism is bathed in paradox. A word that derives its origins from the word father and yet, it  is defined as love for motherland. I don’t know how to define patriotism in words that satisfies me leave alone some inadvertent reader of this post. But bowing before the kiss principle “Keep it stupid and simple” – I can safely say many a stories, many a videos raise goosebumps in my heart. Probably those are distinctly observable patriotic heartbeats of my life.

For any Indian to have grown up in the doordarshan age, “Mile Sur mera tumhara” is no alien permutation of letters. It was a collection of notes that somehow struck a chord in our heart.In my first years of life,i understood very little of what was not spoken in Assamese. So, my earliest memories of this song was waiting for the single sentence that I could understand. As a juvenile who was yet to reach his teens, I could not draw any deep philosophical meaning of the joy I got from watching this song but as self acclaimed wise 23-year-old, I guess this video was my first realization of my being a part of the mosaic called “India”.

Having dwelt on my beautiful memories of the “original mile sur”, it goes without saying that I feel a kind of ownership over this song. I feel my life is incomplete without this song.For last few days, there was a lot of screaming about a new “mile sur”.  I was looking forward to it and my hopes were ignited by the new version of Vande Mataram released on India’s fiftieth Independence Day. For the people who cry a lot about religion, this song was revamped by a muslim.

Some hopes are created only to be crushed, some aspirations remain aspirations forever never finding the strength to crossover to the real world. My first glimpse of this video at you tube filled me with rage. The first image was of “Vodafone” and “zoom”. By no distortion of reality can both be labeled as national icons. icons that define the new resurgent India. But staying true to the truest interpretation of the word “trailer”, this new mile sur had more assaults on my memory in store. The next image that really dealt the death knell on the coffin of my hopes was of deepika padukone in skimpy one-piece enjoying some water-fall. To give a brief background of me morally I am an average IITian. I am all for more open society. If there is fan club making sex compulsory in movies, I would be among the first to promote it. I lament that I am ,soon, going to be  a 24-year-old virgin. Normally any sexy girls legs and more of anatomy are something i crave for. But when one looks forward to feeling proud of being an Indian, somehow lust and patriotism do not mix well. The rest of the video was watched with rage and contempt with  a single-minded dedication to pick more loopholes. I gave up for i found only 2 moments that made me feel proud of my citizenship. One was Bhupen Hazarika, i had ulterior motives for it for I am a Hazarika and it does not harm to your ego to share the surname with the most famous person born in your homestate.Second was Abhinav Bindra. I would only use one line to lament the lack of Sachin,Rathore,Malleshwari,Murthy,Kalam,Rajni,Chiranjeevi and IITs,IIMs and the overdose of bollywood for it deserves no second line.

To sum up I will quote one of my juniors “missing Rakhi Sawant”, well I say i missed her only in physical representation in video, to me the entire video smacked of the essence, that have become a part of the antiques we associate with her.

The decade that was

The month of December is usually the time we bribe our conscience. We look at all things that we did over the last year, We console ourselves for our screw ups ,mistakes and lie to ourselves that the next year would be better. This December is slightly better for me I have definitely two less lies to tell to pacify my inner guilt. I no longer need to tell me to stop bunking nor do I need to tell myself to be

disciplined in the way I lead my life. Being a diabetic, every meal, every second of laziness is a complicated third degree differential equation for me. But then I am no longer in college and my health is better than before. SO, there you go..

But its kind of funny, I miss this ritual of false promises. Even now I cant think of any major resolution rather than continuing the way I am doing.

We now live in the age of media. It’s a bit funny that this post was inspired by an article in cricinfo about the things we missed in the first decade of this millennium. This blog made me realize that 2009 wilt signify the end of second decade wherein I could really understand what a decade is. In many ways this year gives me the first opportunity to analyse the decade for the media frenzy that surrounded the new millennium in 1999. Doordarshan is probably the single biggest one word non-English entity that signifies the disconnect in the last two characters when i write any date. In the early nineties, DD1 in my uptron B&W tv was the holy grail of entertainment. Sometimes our antenna  did pick up signals of other temptations like ESPN but they were primarily an aberration.The B&W was replaced by a colour tv with a remote but for some high moral ground I did not allow cable tv at home. I wanted tv in my room and I did not want too many distractions. Although I was a teenager, I was given unparalleled freedom at home a courtesy not extended to my parents by me :D.A better part of 2000 was spent away from home. Now, I have DTH at parents home but i have a generic disdain for TV, my tastes have been polluted by ad free high-definition prints of TV series’s like house,In my home,, I have not bought a TV yet.

Next part is probably my digital life. Internet came to Dibrugarh in around 2000, I definitely had my first brush with internet in 2000 around the time of Sydney Olympics. I was really proud to have an email Id back then. Back had free email ids.although by the time i wanted to create an id it was subscription based. Yahoo was the big big giant of internet. But then all these are a part of 2000’s. the 90’s had no internet for me. Computer was a black and white screen having all data in floppies. It was fun to code in GW Basic. But all the hype around that time regarding computers and internet and the bust made me decide against studying computer sciencee.I thought if all people are computer engineers what is the fun in it. This resolution was manifested when I chose electronics over CS in IIT. Now I earn my bread and butter from internet and I stay online forever.

The third most significant thing for my generation is that India can win Test Matches abroad.