Only time i detested the sight of Deepikas legs

Patriotism is a word we very often come across since the days we learn our a for apples and b for balls. For sake of political correctness, our history and social studies are replete with tales of patriotic tales of some of our revered heroes. For the sake of pure literary analysis, patriotism is bathed in paradox. A word that derives its origins from the word father and yet, it  is defined as love for motherland. I don’t know how to define patriotism in words that satisfies me leave alone some inadvertent reader of this post. But bowing before the kiss principle “Keep it stupid and simple” – I can safely say many a stories, many a videos raise goosebumps in my heart. Probably those are distinctly observable patriotic heartbeats of my life.

For any Indian to have grown up in the doordarshan age, “Mile Sur mera tumhara” is no alien permutation of letters. It was a collection of notes that somehow struck a chord in our heart.In my first years of life,i understood very little of what was not spoken in Assamese. So, my earliest memories of this song was waiting for the single sentence that I could understand. As a juvenile who was yet to reach his teens, I could not draw any deep philosophical meaning of the joy I got from watching this song but as self acclaimed wise 23-year-old, I guess this video was my first realization of my being a part of the mosaic called “India”.

Having dwelt on my beautiful memories of the “original mile sur”, it goes without saying that I feel a kind of ownership over this song. I feel my life is incomplete without this song.For last few days, there was a lot of screaming about a new “mile sur”.  I was looking forward to it and my hopes were ignited by the new version of Vande Mataram released on India’s fiftieth Independence Day. For the people who cry a lot about religion, this song was revamped by a muslim.

Some hopes are created only to be crushed, some aspirations remain aspirations forever never finding the strength to crossover to the real world. My first glimpse of this video at you tube filled me with rage. The first image was of “Vodafone” and “zoom”. By no distortion of reality can both be labeled as national icons. icons that define the new resurgent India. But staying true to the truest interpretation of the word “trailer”, this new mile sur had more assaults on my memory in store. The next image that really dealt the death knell on the coffin of my hopes was of deepika padukone in skimpy one-piece enjoying some water-fall. To give a brief background of me morally I am an average IITian. I am all for more open society. If there is fan club making sex compulsory in movies, I would be among the first to promote it. I lament that I am ,soon, going to be  a 24-year-old virgin. Normally any sexy girls legs and more of anatomy are something i crave for. But when one looks forward to feeling proud of being an Indian, somehow lust and patriotism do not mix well. The rest of the video was watched with rage and contempt with  a single-minded dedication to pick more loopholes. I gave up for i found only 2 moments that made me feel proud of my citizenship. One was Bhupen Hazarika, i had ulterior motives for it for I am a Hazarika and it does not harm to your ego to share the surname with the most famous person born in your homestate.Second was Abhinav Bindra. I would only use one line to lament the lack of Sachin,Rathore,Malleshwari,Murthy,Kalam,Rajni,Chiranjeevi and IITs,IIMs and the overdose of bollywood for it deserves no second line.

To sum up I will quote one of my juniors “missing Rakhi Sawant”, well I say i missed her only in physical representation in video, to me the entire video smacked of the essence, that have become a part of the antiques we associate with her.

Wake Up Sid

After a lot of initial hesitations, I picked up the courage to watch the first day show of a hindimovie. After movies like kambakht ishq, you cant help getting scared. Nevertheless, even gundacan be enjoyed with friends.(Correction: gunda is a cult movie, even drona can be watched with friends). So, I went to the theatres with no expectations whatsoever. This is probably the best thing to do before every movie or rather almost every day of your life. Having no positive expectations makes your life sound like a musical composition drained of all forms of melancholy notes. Unfortunately, I still got a few expectations and hence get upset and disappointed a few times.

Coming to the movie, there are things I liked and things I did not. Something, I am usually incapable of doing. I either like something/one or I just plainly hate them. Things I hated, its neither easy nor cheap to set up an apartment. We are three IITians and it broke our back to set up our small flat @ Hyderabad. I cant imagine the cost of setting up and renting a sea facing apartment @ Mumbai. I just could not palate this part of the movie.
Things I liked: music especially the song iktara, the audience, some of the girls were hot really hot, as Nitin Goyal put it I was gasping for breath as a smoking hot beauty in red top and black skirt passed by.Another thing I liked was the lack of melodrama. Also there were elements of nostalgia. I am not the son of a super rich dad, but I am the only son of my parents and I was(rather am) a spoilt kid. When you are single child, you have a different relationship with your parents, they are your sibling cum parents. So, I have had a lot of fights @ home, I have left home umpteen number of times. So, the home fights and reconciliation though predictable were a bit touchy for me and probably, I was the only guy in the theatre to shed a few drops of tear.


There are few very few works of art that evoke a very strong feeling of gratitude towards the creator. Very few creations evokes a singular emotion of wanting to bombard our sense of sight and hearing till our eyes go blind, eardrums bursts or our dear wallets revolt. Yesterday I came across one such work of art the bollywood movie called kaminey.

For a change all the dialogues made sense, all the plots,subplots, reactions made sense. He made us laugh with our lungs using muscles that had been dormant for a zillion years, he made us watch in awe with our neurons rejoicing every paisa of the money spent. For the first time, I saw fear in the eyes of the person holding a gun and it made all sense. I saw on screen couples using lines that made sense. I saw the most frightened face ever seen on a on screen bridegroom.It all made sense. I saw a politician and his rhetoric, his vulnerabilities and his conflicted emotions.I saw a hero run away from the heat of fight for he had to care for his child.

Even minute things like the diabetes of the local don is neatly woven into the storyline. All in all a movie to enthrall all your senses. Do your neurons a well deserved favour.

A tale of two Movies separated by ending and the pencil of Redcliffe

Most of the professional critics have their swords and medals out after first day first show.But being an ameteur who just like to force fed his arbit views on the world I can do anything anytime.These days I am finding my self listening to songs from “Khuda ke Liye” in repeat one mode.These songs bring me memories.of the movies “Khuda ke Liye” and its Indian counterpart “Namastey London”.One movie was a must watch the other was three hours cribbing of a looser by a looser and for loosers. Unfortunately there were so many loosers in this world that “Namastey London” was a smash hit. For me there was nothing to see in that movie apart from Katrina Kaif – her smile , her legs and everything about her.

How regressive can you get. Bring a girl on false promise to the country you have left long ago for greener pastures and never bothered to return anything. Get her married off to a local guy, give her the biggest culture shock of her life and think that you are a good father: what crap. On top of it, the stereo types of spoilt by Western civilisation. OMG.

Cut to the movie from across the border, “Khuda Ke Liye”, it exposed the hypocrisy of so called good fathers who themselves dont give a crap about the values of their culture but try to enforce it on their daughters. It explores the plight of women under repression. But justice is seldom delievered on merit. So, Namastey Londfon was a hit. Hopefully time will be fairer judge