one of the best movies I have ever watched

I thought of several titles for this post- good dialogs, a coincidental part of any good movie – the day when seemingly random noises made so much sense. Thanks to larger than life status of Rajnikanth and Chiranjeevi – most of us who were born and brought up north of the vindyas have a sort of generic condemnation for south indian movies. We generally have a predisposed condemnation for this form of entertainment. Being from kgp I had free access to all kinds of movies being fresh out of kgp is more significant in this context.

I like to learn the language of the place I stay in. So i had asked for a few telegu movies primarily to have a nice laugh and pick up a few words. The movie in question was happy days. Wow what a flashback of the last five memorable years. Although i am from a purely residential campus and the movie was set in quasi residential college- there are moments that simply transcend the capabilities of 65000 shades rainbow dancing in my 22″ lcd monitor. The n number of trips I had to the beaches of Sankarpur and their memories chocked my eyes as I saw Chandu and his group dance with the waves.
I never thought the name Tyson could evoke sympathy and admiration in my heart till I watched this movie. Since I did not know the storyline, I kept hoping till the last lines of credit rolled out that university of Minnesota or its ramoji imitation will greet my eyes. Alas !!
We normally associate high-pitched ridiculous action and “mind its” over aged heroes in south Indian movies. How wrong I was.
Only emotion I could not relate to was girls getting jealous. It is just not possible to see those emotions in a skewed environment as that of kgp. I want to continue on and on but am sort of words. My post seems like a ridiculous attempt in English to pay tribute to the movie I watched without sub titles – not a matter of choice but lack of it- i had 2 cd version but net only has 1 dvd version srt files.Very few movies make a normal person develop such strong emotions for all characters. Even fewer movies make me watch the same movie again without forwarding .”Happy Days” did just that.

Inglorious Basterd

Many a golden replicas of the famous lady whose name has been mysteriously hidden by my beloved wikipedia – which, in fact goes on to say, she is a famous he :D- lie in the possession of artistic giants that dwell on the untold human sufferings of the second world war. So, I had serious difficulty in accepting this pigment of imagination. Having said this, I reiterate that I remain a devoted fan of wikipedia and shall continue to ignore these glitches.
I intend to make this post a short and precise affair. Inglorious basterd was a glorious celebration of human creativity and artistic prowess. The climax was too great. It was just too awesome. It portrays the actors as human, selfish persons who can do anything to survive not as saints and demons. Yet you cant help feeling pity for some and contempt for others. One digression I liked about this movie was the liberal use of creative liberty be it the spelling or the plotline. All in all a great take on alternative reality that many would wish was real

Wake Up Sid

After a lot of initial hesitations, I picked up the courage to watch the first day show of a hindimovie. After movies like kambakht ishq, you cant help getting scared. Nevertheless, even gundacan be enjoyed with friends.(Correction: gunda is a cult movie, even drona can be watched with friends). So, I went to the theatres with no expectations whatsoever. This is probably the best thing to do before every movie or rather almost every day of your life. Having no positive expectations makes your life sound like a musical composition drained of all forms of melancholy notes. Unfortunately, I still got a few expectations and hence get upset and disappointed a few times.

Coming to the movie, there are things I liked and things I did not. Something, I am usually incapable of doing. I either like something/one or I just plainly hate them. Things I hated, its neither easy nor cheap to set up an apartment. We are three IITians and it broke our back to set up our small flat @ Hyderabad. I cant imagine the cost of setting up and renting a sea facing apartment @ Mumbai. I just could not palate this part of the movie.
Things I liked: music especially the song iktara, the audience, some of the girls were hot really hot, as Nitin Goyal put it I was gasping for breath as a smoking hot beauty in red top and black skirt passed by.Another thing I liked was the lack of melodrama. Also there were elements of nostalgia. I am not the son of a super rich dad, but I am the only son of my parents and I was(rather am) a spoilt kid. When you are single child, you have a different relationship with your parents, they are your sibling cum parents. So, I have had a lot of fights @ home, I have left home umpteen number of times. So, the home fights and reconciliation though predictable were a bit touchy for me and probably, I was the only guy in the theatre to shed a few drops of tear.


There are few very few works of art that evoke a very strong feeling of gratitude towards the creator. Very few creations evokes a singular emotion of wanting to bombard our sense of sight and hearing till our eyes go blind, eardrums bursts or our dear wallets revolt. Yesterday I came across one such work of art the bollywood movie called kaminey.

For a change all the dialogues made sense, all the plots,subplots, reactions made sense. He made us laugh with our lungs using muscles that had been dormant for a zillion years, he made us watch in awe with our neurons rejoicing every paisa of the money spent. For the first time, I saw fear in the eyes of the person holding a gun and it made all sense. I saw on screen couples using lines that made sense. I saw the most frightened face ever seen on a on screen bridegroom.It all made sense. I saw a politician and his rhetoric, his vulnerabilities and his conflicted emotions.I saw a hero run away from the heat of fight for he had to care for his child.

Even minute things like the diabetes of the local don is neatly woven into the storyline. All in all a movie to enthrall all your senses. Do your neurons a well deserved favour.

Terminator damnation

Certain artists create an air anticipation. When ones favorite movie watched legally in a theater and the only movie watched multiple times is the dark knight, one just wishes for time to fly by to cut short the long days and months to pass by and be awed at the marvel of human creativity. Alas, many a hopes are damned to be unfulfilled. With bated breath, I ventured towards BigCinemas at Ameerpeth to have a glimpse and to enthralled by Christain Bales latest movie “Terminator Salvation”.

At first I thought I was lucky to get the best possible seats without any advance booking.Well law of averages is valid. My luck ran out or rather the colective luck of entire audience ran out.The movie was a shocker. The story was ridiculous and had no credibility even after suspension of disbelief. The acting was less than what is visible in one dimensional photo shoots. To rub salt in the wounds, there were no hot scenes.

A tale of two Movies separated by ending and the pencil of Redcliffe

Most of the professional critics have their swords and medals out after first day first show.But being an ameteur who just like to force fed his arbit views on the world I can do anything anytime.These days I am finding my self listening to songs from “Khuda ke Liye” in repeat one mode.These songs bring me memories.of the movies “Khuda ke Liye” and its Indian counterpart “Namastey London”.One movie was a must watch the other was three hours cribbing of a looser by a looser and for loosers. Unfortunately there were so many loosers in this world that “Namastey London” was a smash hit. For me there was nothing to see in that movie apart from Katrina Kaif – her smile , her legs and everything about her.

How regressive can you get. Bring a girl on false promise to the country you have left long ago for greener pastures and never bothered to return anything. Get her married off to a local guy, give her the biggest culture shock of her life and think that you are a good father: what crap. On top of it, the stereo types of spoilt by Western civilisation. OMG.

Cut to the movie from across the border, “Khuda Ke Liye”, it exposed the hypocrisy of so called good fathers who themselves dont give a crap about the values of their culture but try to enforce it on their daughters. It explores the plight of women under repression. But justice is seldom delievered on merit. So, Namastey Londfon was a hit. Hopefully time will be fairer judge

Sorry, I did not like Slumdog millionaire

I have been living in an island called IIT kharagpur for past five years. This island has some very peculiar traits. This island is not surrounded by water but it is an island. This island is,genetically speaking, has diverse racial elements yet all inhabitants past and present constitute a tribe of their own.This tribe refers to porn as devotional songs. This tribe gives a ten on ten to gunda and enjoys watching critically acclaimed movies.This tribe worships intelligent movies and yet watches shera and loha.

This tribe really appreciates great movies yet dos not think twice before watching the pirated versions. CamRip, PDVD, DVDRip, mkv version are all part of the lingua franca of this island.Every movie enjoyed by this tribe is individually awarded a coveted place in g talk messages. One such movie was “Slum dog millionaire”- the movie to watch for the self professed intellectually blessed.

Well like it or not i have also undergone inductive mutation in this island.As such i suffer from “I am intellectually superior” syndrome. Hence, I sat down in front of my computer to watch this movie for the classes. Unfortunately, it is plain and simple unbelievable.

Firstly, a guy enveloped in shit cant go near Amitabh Bachan. Even if we are to hibernate the logical section of our brain for this incongruity, I fail to fathom how the photograph of the star managed to be unscathed.

Secondly, as a four year old kid you dont have a crush on a girl with whom you play.

Thirdly, you cant speak flawless English growing up on railway tracks.

Fourthly, you just cant come back to Mumbai and find a girl whom you had known only for a few days.

Fiftly, a blind friend of you who had known you only for a few days just cant recognise you after years.

Sixthly, how come the street children get sophisticated guns.

Seventh, after Ismail what seemed in all probability raped Latika, you just cant come out of it psychologically unharmed.

Besides, the treatment of Indians is too lopsided to say the least. This is real America and this is real India.

I have a long list but I shall stop this self inflicted torture by questioning how did Ismail recognise his brothers voice after such a long time.