Yesterday promised to be another day
 A day when all that I  see bathes in sun ray
A day when every sunflower fights for the touch of sun’s every ray.
But it was yesterday a forlorn souls last day.

The stream that kept my thirst at bay seemed to have run away
There was no garden to gratify my hunger
There was no jester to give me laughter
All I could I could see was snow and ice
But I felt like I was burning in some hot fire.

But my mind refused to surrender
It made me hear sound of some piper
Tricked that bliss lay in the lap of the musical whispers
I walked the road told by an ancient dreamer.

But ‘t was not a lie that I was engulfed fire
‘T was true that the lake was all snowy and people were walking on water
But the warmth of my body melted my road into water
The fire that was roasting me gave way to frost bites.

I grasped for breath
I prayed for air
But I  was no fish with gills
In a dreamy state I made my way to a distant paradise
And today I wait for a kiss of life to wake me from my slumber.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Kya baat hai Shoo poem and all 🙂
    btw the it replaced by ‘t doesnt suit after the but, although completely suits in the next line.. You never say but ‘t although ‘T was true is absolutely done!

    and the line But ‘t was not a lie that I was engulfed fire
    was engulfed fire, care to elucidate!

    Anyway, loved it! 🙂

    1. himangshu

      thanks for the grammatical inputs . didn’t know about the ‘t in case of it thing. When i wrote this poem, the word ’twas was ringing in my head for some reason and I just extrapolated. Regarding engulfed fire, i meant engulfed in fire, but on second thoughts i like the typo. kinds of give the feeling that you are burning really burning, you are not just burning but you are the source of the fire.

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