Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty

I was brought up in a home that had no MTV. For the early part of my life, my experiments with my ear drums were confined to the whims and fancies of doordarshan. As I started calling different geographical co-ordinates as my home,I got a glimpse of the world that lay beyond what I had experienced. But, still I am largely ignorant of the existence of numerous lovely melodies that are yet to be copied by Pritam or Anu Malik. One thing about me is that if I like something I really fall for it and now and then, I come across a song that starts making an infinite loop in my mp3 player. Although I believe I am quite unique, I feel there are many others who might be ignorant of my current infatuation. Besides a new status message and hopefully a few comments don’t hurt my inflated ego.

So here is my current musical infatuation