Sugar free stuff and diabetics

sugar free

sweet poison

Having waded through political waters for my first post of the decade, my wandering gypsy mind think its time to write about my experiments with food recommended and forbidden for diabetics.  For those of who don’t know who I am or have turned a blind eye to the  persistently highlighted link on this blog entitled “Who am I”, I am no doctor so wont assault your eyes with jargon or some futuristic script that can’t be understood by most of humanity. I am a type 2 diabetic. The findings in this post is literally the digital representation of my blood on your screen. Whenever I have something suspicious, I usually check my blood sugar before and after having the forbidden apple from the garden of Eden. For those of you who are thinking about applauding my heroic sacrifice of blood, this spot smacks of greed. My long-term plan in life is to publish my findings and earn money :D. Not many people are non-insulin dependent diabetic right from the threshold of adulthood.  So, I definitely will win hands down in the quanta of experimental data.

Like all of my digital tidings, this post too owes one chromosome to a trigger.Recently I cam across some sweets packaged as “diabetic dezires“. Some words are really catchy. For a guy who had sent bundles of nerves of his sweet tooth such promises wake up the polar bears of your nerves to the arctic summer.I gave in and spent some of my hard-earned modern equivalent of ancient salt on it. Usually most of the food that proclaims itself to be for diabetics have their nutritional content published on their package. It’s a common misconception for a blood sugar patient, sweet is the bete noir. The enemy in your food is the calories,fat and the form in which you get the calories. For persons with semi-functional pancreas like mine, fats can be more harmful than sugar.

This company claims to be made for diabetics but the day before i had it my sugar was hovering around 90-110. Although I followed the same routine the next day, my sugar was hovering in 150-160 stuff. Don’t have it.In case you want to indulge in sweet tooth as a diabetic, please buy stuff only if you know the ingredients with calorie content. As for some rule of thumb you can’t usually heat sugar-free stuff, it no longer remain as sweet. I don’t know why but again these are my experimental findings. It is for this reason that you are recommended to add sugar-free pellets before consumption 😀