Prayer to a mortal

project gutenburg
What language shall I speak to thee
To tell how I feel
To plead to allow me to steal
A new smile for your lips.

What words should I choose
To tell you that I only want to see you greet the morning Sun
I only long to see you sleep
I dream to feel the air you breathe.

Teach me to speak the inaudible words
To let you know that I love you now
And shall love you till my grave withers away
To tell you that false hopes of owning your heart
Is the only thing that keeps my heart from giving away.

12 thoughts on “Prayer to a mortal

  1. K

    Slowly on the road of time,
    after the treacherous hills u climb,
    u will hear the words u want,
    and find them just a faithless cant.

    The soul u worship with your heart,
    and paint pictures by your awesome art,
    have you , in your tortures seen,
    an echoing kiss from that loveless queen ?

    The words you seek ,
    the hopes you build ,
    are mirages from a distant land
    of broken castles in the sand.

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