Facebook reaxions to my claims of being molested. Nothing serious abt the matter !!!

Himangshu Jyoti Hazarika my flatmates turning gay. have been physically molested 2 day 😦

Sat at 19:04 · Comment · Resham SarkarResham SarkarI would want to believe that this has a typo. 🙂 or 😦 ?Sat at 19:20 · DeleteMaulik KamdarMaulik Kamdarback to business after a dry span :P….Sat at 21:11 · DeleteBiswajyoti PalBiswajyoti Palthats becoz u r so cute…..Sat at 22:40 · DeleteHimangshu Jyoti HazarikaHimangshu Jyoti Hazarika@resham it was :(. i dont like being physically manhandled consentual stuffs ok.

@maulik n biswas yaar i m yr senior kuch to sharam karYesterday at 01:25 · DeleteAkshay SharmaAkshay Sharma😛 😛Yesterday at 03:17 · DeleteBiswajyoti PalBiswajyoti Paldoga ghussa kyun ho rahe hai aap? wat is not happening to u is not right….. but no one can deny the fact the fact that you r cute…..Yesterday at 03:45 · DeleteRitesh ParikhRitesh Parikhwht??shobhit ki sam??Yesterday at 04:47 · DeleteHimangshu Jyoti HazarikaHimangshu Jyoti Hazarikayes arikh bapu no longer takes care of kids when i was screaming for help he ws telling sam where he should toch me n i was just out of bathroom mujhe bachao !!!!!Yesterday at 07:42 · DeleteRitesh ParikhRitesh Parikhabb bas tum bhi duniya ke behkaawe mein aa gaye…woh farishte jaisa lagne waala insaan asliyaat mein ek shaitaan hai 😀 …bach ke rehna usse…Yesterday at 09:28 · DeleteShobhit GuptaShobhit GuptaOye molested doga…dont cry…this is a lesson for u not to roam naked in the apartment when kaam waali bai’s are there…and it was Sam who explored those “sides” of Doga 😛Yesterday at 09:31 · DeleteHimangshu Jyoti HazarikaHimangshu Jyoti Hazarikasobhit dirty mind. its like blaming someone being raped for their clothes and bapu u got a responsibility to kidsYesterday at 09:34 · DeleteShobhit GuptaShobhit GuptaSaale ab padha likha ke kamau bana diya hai…kab tak baap ke upper bojh bana rahega…go ahead and face the real urself…who seduce flatmates with silky soft skin.Yesterday at 09:47 · DeleteShamik GangulyShamik Gangulydoga this was subtle parenting on shobhit’s part … if he had not staged the intervention, u wud have been molested by ur bai … now who wud u rather be molested by … sam or ur bai ?? lesson learnt : dont dress provocatively 😀Yesterday at 11:03 · DeleteHimangshu Jyoti HazarikaHimangshu Jyoti Hazarika@ shamik my ex roomie i miss a safe roomie like u. you are the straightest person possible 😀Yesterday at 11:47 · DeleteSubhojit ChakladarSubhojit Chakladardoga … if u ever run for politics (or any of ur roomies does) … this line’s gonna come back to haunt u then!!!! 😛Yesterday at 12:13 · DeleteHimangshu Jyoti HazarikaHimangshu Jyoti Hazarikait will n i wont get a nobel prize like obamaYesterday at 14:15 · DeleteVaibhav SinghVaibhav Singhhuh dnt be a Rakhee sawant…first u arouse them and then complain of molestation 😛Yesterday at 15:13 · DeleteHimangshu Jyoti HazarikaHimangshu Jyoti Hazarikalodu even u taking pot shots at me. you yr true saathi @ kgpYesterday at 15:48 · DeleteSubhojit ChakladarSubhojit Chakladarisn’t this supposed to be the DTW spirit? … when someone’s backside is being pounded … jump on the bandwagon!
@doga … don’t worry … every ‘dark’ episode has its bright side … u might get the sympathy votes in Stockholm for this incident … u might kiss back the culprits then 😛
Yesterday at 15:57 · Delete
Subhojit ChakladarSubhojit Chakladaru know something … kgpians do deserve the nobel … afterall we are totally committed to the pursuit of PEACE!!Yesterday at 15:58 · DeleteHimangshu Jyoti HazarikaHimangshu Jyoti Hazarikai disagree with u chako we kill (maro) peace not bachao peaceYesterday at 15:59 · DeleteSubhojit ChakladarSubhojit Chakladaroh yeah baby … thats stellar 😀Yesterday at 16:53 · DeleteRitesh ParikhRitesh Parikhrakhi sawant…hahaha mast comparison!!!7 hours ago · Delete

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