Wake Up Sid

After a lot of initial hesitations, I picked up the courage to watch the first day show of a hindimovie. After movies like kambakht ishq, you cant help getting scared. Nevertheless, even gundacan be enjoyed with friends.(Correction: gunda is a cult movie, even drona can be watched with friends). So, I went to the theatres with no expectations whatsoever. This is probably the best thing to do before every movie or rather almost every day of your life. Having no positive expectations makes your life sound like a musical composition drained of all forms of melancholy notes. Unfortunately, I still got a few expectations and hence get upset and disappointed a few times.

Coming to the movie, there are things I liked and things I did not. Something, I am usually incapable of doing. I either like something/one or I just plainly hate them. Things I hated, its neither easy nor cheap to set up an apartment. We are three IITians and it broke our back to set up our small flat @ Hyderabad. I cant imagine the cost of setting up and renting a sea facing apartment @ Mumbai. I just could not palate this part of the movie.
Things I liked: music especially the song iktara, the audience, some of the girls were hot really hot, as Nitin Goyal put it I was gasping for breath as a smoking hot beauty in red top and black skirt passed by.Another thing I liked was the lack of melodrama. Also there were elements of nostalgia. I am not the son of a super rich dad, but I am the only son of my parents and I was(rather am) a spoilt kid. When you are single child, you have a different relationship with your parents, they are your sibling cum parents. So, I have had a lot of fights @ home, I have left home umpteen number of times. So, the home fights and reconciliation though predictable were a bit touchy for me and probably, I was the only guy in the theatre to shed a few drops of tear.