A tale of two Movies separated by ending and the pencil of Redcliffe

Most of the professional critics have their swords and medals out after first day first show.But being an ameteur who just like to force fed his arbit views on the world I can do anything anytime.These days I am finding my self listening to songs from “Khuda ke Liye” in repeat one mode.These songs bring me memories.of the movies “Khuda ke Liye” and its Indian counterpart “Namastey London”.One movie was a must watch the other was three hours cribbing of a looser by a looser and for loosers. Unfortunately there were so many loosers in this world that “Namastey London” was a smash hit. For me there was nothing to see in that movie apart from Katrina Kaif – her smile , her legs and everything about her.

How regressive can you get. Bring a girl on false promise to the country you have left long ago for greener pastures and never bothered to return anything. Get her married off to a local guy, give her the biggest culture shock of her life and think that you are a good father: what crap. On top of it, the stereo types of spoilt by Western civilisation. OMG.

Cut to the movie from across the border, “Khuda Ke Liye”, it exposed the hypocrisy of so called good fathers who themselves dont give a crap about the values of their culture but try to enforce it on their daughters. It explores the plight of women under repression. But justice is seldom delievered on merit. So, Namastey Londfon was a hit. Hopefully time will be fairer judge

6 thoughts on “A tale of two Movies separated by ending and the pencil of Redcliffe

  1. Napster_NXG

    A very nice article on Khuda ke liye , a very big movie which aptly told us about the religious differences that still exist in this world….My message never separate lovers by any boundaries.

  2. Anonymous

    Ya I admit that namaste london was crap as most hindi movies are. But the way you write you appear even a bigger hypocrite than anyone else

  3. himangshu

    @non non-hypocrite anon sorry for deleting one of your posts by mistake. Please repost it.In a true sense it was not a mistake just below the belt stuff and my reflex action

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